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    Central Utah Concrete

    Central Utah Concrete


    Types of concrete projects we offer

    We have become one of the best concrete contractors in Central Utah because of our extensive project-specific experience and nearly 15 years in the industry. Our residential, commercial, and industrial projects have taught us many things along the way, with the most important being fast delivery and high-quality. We spend countless hours with our customers to execute projects that require years of durability and enjoyment. We aim to guide you through a concrete project smoothly and efficiently.

    Our company can assist with various concrete projects like sidewalks, garage floors, and driveways. We also work on installing concrete stairs and ADA-accessible walkways. Some interior projects may include spaces like your basement, indoor-outdoor patio, and other interior settings. Whether your project is small-scale or larger than life, we treat each project uniquely with a team of professional installers.

    Keep reading to learn more about the specific concrete projects that we can help you with. We can travel throughout Central Utah and welcome the most basic or unique concrete displays. Keep in mind; we handle concrete projects with technical specifications according to the type of job and regulations that may be involved.


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    Working With Us


    Your Professional Concrete Connection

    One of our best company characteristics is the attention we give our customers and their projects. While we work very quickly and can execute projects in a matter of days, as opposed to weeks, we also do not sacrifice quality for time. We understand that concrete projects can be an investment in your home or business, and we treat the project, and your budget, with respect.

    Our installation teams have been working in the field for several years or have been trained by some of the best in the industry. Our crews are troubleshooters and problem solvers and work around the clock to deliver the best concrete projects. They pay close attention to the details that many installers overlook. They even welcome questions and concerns along the way. Our staff and installation teams are happy to walk you through this process with concise communication.

    Best Concrete Company in Utah

    Concrete By Project


    There are many factors to consider when installing a concrete project in your home or business. Your job is to ask the questions, and our job is to answer those and deliver the best service and product. Learn more about different types of projects that we can help you with below.




    If you admire the look of concrete flatwork, we are skilled in this service. We can perform flatwork on various surfaces such as your outdoor concrete patio, stairs, ramps, and more. Our technicians understand how to work the materials to ensure they settle, cure, and perform for years to come. Flatwork requires patience and skill, and our installers have that droves. Depending on the type of flatwork we are doing for you, we will ensure that the proper additives, sealants, and protective measures are taken during the installation process. We will also educate you on how to care for and maintain your concrete for the coming years.

    Basements utah



    Our residential customers often ask us to refinish or pour their concrete basement floors. Whether you use the space regularly to gather, or your basement is only for storage purposes, we provide concrete floors for all scenarios. Your basement floor is often the first line of defense against environmental impact. This floor is literally the foundation of your entire home; therefore, it needs to be strong and offer your home solid footing. Concrete basement floors are an excellent choice for homeowners who need an easy maintenance option. It is also a cost-effective investment in the longevity of your home

    Garage Floors and Driveways utah

    Garage Floors and Driveways


    Has your garage or driveway seen better days? Vehicles often breakdown concrete driveways or garage floors quickly. This is especially true if the concrete wasn't installed correctly, to begin with. Signs of wear and tear will include things like chipping, cracking, or buckling due to temperature or pressure. Depending on the type of project you would like to do, we would be happy to walk you through a refinishing or of your garage floor or driveway. While concrete is nearly indestructible, the longevity of either one of these projects depends on how good the installation process goes. This is why you should choose a professional team like ours to handle your concrete projects.

    Porches and Patios

    Porches and Patios


    Another outdoor space that tends to see a lot of wear and tear is your porch or patio. Years of weather or sun exposure can break down concrete, leaving it looking less than attractive. We help homeowners add visual appeal to either their front or back yards with expert design and insulation. We can create a space to watch the neighbors pass by or gather for hours on end with family and friends. We use all kinds of different techniques to ensure that your concrete can withstand Utah weather. We know that concrete is an investment that should be protected and considered during the installation process.

    Stairs and Sidewalks

    Stairs and Sidewalks


    One of the hardest projects, when it comes to concrete, is stairs and sidewalks. These projects tend to be a little more complicated and require an expert skillset. We work on concrete stairs in residential, commercial, and industrial locations. We use or adhere to regulatory standards or building codes. We can typically handle just about any sidewalk project or concrete pathway you desire to do. This includes repairing existing concrete projects or adding a new one to your property. Let us know what kind of sidewalk or stare project you need, and we will be happy to get you a quote quickly.

    ADA Accessibility

    ADA Accessibility


    For our friends who need an ADA-accessible concrete project, we are your team. We have experience for both residential and commercial properties and adhere to all the regulatory standards. More than ever, accessibility is an important factor for those who are living with a mobility issue. This is especially true for business owners looking to stay in compliance with ADA regulations. Call and talk to a specialist today who can walk you through in ADA project and get you scheduled for a consultation.

    Residential Concrete

    Residential Concrete


    With hundreds, if not thousands, of concrete material options, it can be hard to know where to begin as a homeowner. Part of our job is to understand your lifestyle and your main priorities for your concrete project. There will be different materials to choose from depending on the location of the project. Interior projects require a different mix than outdoor projects. We encourage you to share your project with us, so we can walk you through what type of concrete mix and material will work best for your specific needs. We love working with homeowners because it gives us a chance to educate them on concrete work. We are transparent in the pricing and use clear communication to ensure you are confident in hiring our team.

    Commercial Concrete

    Commercial Concrete


    Do you own a commercial or retail business? Many business owners opt to use concrete in various areas of their space. Concrete is an exceptional material because it will last for years and can withstand the day-to-day grind of business. We can help with either interior or exterior projects, and we'll explain various features that may protect or add appeal to your project. If you need help staying within particular guidelines or regulations, we are familiar with many of the laws and standards businesses have to adopt. Let us help you through the process and make your project run smoothly and efficiently.

    Industrial Concrete

    Industrial Concrete


    We provide industrial concrete services for large-scale complexes and warehouses. We can also assist in institutional spaces such as jails, schools, and hospitals. Our industrial clients often need specific attention to form and function from their floors. After all, your floors need to perform under constant traffic, heavy machinery, endless foot traffic, and withstand drops, spills, and other day-to-day abuse. Concrete projects for industrial spaces will keep your business running smoothly and won't require extensive maintenance. Call us today to learn more about the kinds of projects we can help you with.

    Sports Court Concrete

    Sports Court Concrete


    Many sports centers, and multiplex spaces, used concrete surfaces for their facilities. This can include tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, indoor-outdoor workout facilities, and many more. Sports courts are a particular classification of concrete and require an artful touch to ensure they look and perform well. We have the right teams and experts on hand to install these types of spaces and do so with longevity in mind. If you are looking to get started on a sports complex project, we encourage you to give us a call today so we can walk you through that process. These projects tend to take a little longer, but we are known to work quickly and deliver exceptional results.

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    Resources and Partnerships

    Manufacturers and Suppliers

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    Many people don't know that there are various types of concrete materials used in a project. There are also countless tools need to deliver different finishes or textures. Over the years, we have established strategic partners to help us deliver the best concrete projects in Central Utah. Our manufacturers and suppliers of materials and tools have an exceptional track record for performance and longevity. We have spent plenty of time building these professional relationships, so our customers get the best project outcomes. We only work with manufacturers or suppliers who can offer us the best material at a fair price. We can then pass on that savings to our clients.

    Manufacturer and Suppliers

    1. Superior materials that are durable and long-lasting
    2. Cost-effective pricing that is passed on to the customer
    3. Excellent feedback rating on strength and performance.

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    We take the required steps to do business legally. This covers all parties while working on your project.


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