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Are your garage floors looking worn or faded from years of use? Has the surface become cracked or damaged, creating an eyesore in the space? Consider concrete garage floor services from the exceptional staff here at Utah Concrete! Whether you are looking for completely new floors or to fix damages to an existing slab, our technicians are knowledgeable and able to complete the job quickly. While many companies are booked out weeks or months for appointments, our schedule is flexible and we can often book as soon as the next day! Your confidence and peace of mind in our services are important, which is why we are fully licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of Utah. Ready to learn more about how we can provide quality garage concrete or looking for a quote? Feel free to give us a call today!



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    Many people are unsure of the benefits associated with choosing concrete as the material for their garage floors. They often believe that concrete is bland or weak when it comes to demanding environments and standing up to foot traffic. Those are common misconceptions, as concrete is known for its durability, longevity, and affordability when compared to other flooring materials. The days of having to pay for expensive flooring repairs or restorations are gone when you select concrete as the material to complement your garage space. There are also various customization options available when it comes to concrete floorings, such as design stamping and even color staining! This allows you to be in charge of the design process and lets you dictate the final look of your new floor. You can have the surface mimic the design of other materials like stone or you can choose a color to compliment the scheme of your home.
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    One of the major benefits of choosing concrete as the material for your garage floors is the affordability of the installation. Along with the low out of pocket costs, concrete is a material that can last for decades. This means your costs over time are also affordable and makes the material a great cost investment for both residential and commercial property owners. Many materials like stone, tile, or wood can not only be expensive initially, they often require maintenance and restorative services to maintain proper function. Reach out to us today to learn more about the affordability of our concrete services.

    increased safety

    Increased Safety


    When a concrete garage floor is properly installed by a professional company, you can be sure the floor will help to increase the overall safety in the area. Not only is concrete a strong and durable material, but there are also coatings and additions available that can help to increase non-slip properties and some even make the surface safe when wet. These factors are especially important for commercial and industrial manufacturing environments where water or moisture may accumulate on the surface. Choosing concrete and the appropriate coatings can work to reduce accidental slips and falls for your family or employees.

    strength and durability

    Strength and Durability


    One of the most popular benefits of concrete for garage floors is the overall strength and durability the material provides. Issues like spills, staining, and damages that can affect materials like wood or stone are worries of the past when you choose concrete. When installed by a professional company and sealed, these surfaces can stand up to even the most demanding areas. These floors are great for garages in residential homes, commercial or sales garages, and even vehicular manufacturing areas which all have varying levels of environmental factors. Reach out to us via phone or message to learn more about the durability specifics of concrete or to receive a customized estimate for services!

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    Many flooring materials need refurbishing services and regular maintenance to keep the surface looking sleek and the floor functioning properly. A major benefit to choosing concrete is that the material does not require extensive services to keep functioning, standard cleaning and maintenance are typically enough to properly care for the surface. On average, you can expect a concrete garage floor to function for decades with proper care and maintenance. This is considerably longer than other materials at a fraction of the cost! Concrete for garage floors is the smart and simple flooring solution that will keep paying off for years to come.

    simple to maintain

    Simple to Maintain


    With a concrete garage floor, you won’t have to worry about purchasing expensive cleaning tools or abrasive cleaners to keep the surface looking new. One major benefit to this strong material is the easy maintenance associated with these floors, making them a great choice for both residential and commercial applications. A soft bristle broom or dry mop can be used to remove dirt and dust from the surface of the floor. Spills and moisture should be addressed promptly to reduce the risk of staining to the material. Ready to learn more or looking for an estimate? We are available via phone and email to assist with any concerns.

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