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Is your basement suffering from moisture or excessive dampness? Are the floors currently damaged or filled with cracks? Utah Concrete is the number one provider of concrete basement services and installations in the Salt Lake County, Utah area! The experts here at Utah Concrete have over 14 years of experience and are knowledgeable in many different areas of concrete services. While there are many flooring materials available for your basement, concrete is the affordable and durable flooring solution that can last you for decades. Looking to complete the job quickly? Many other concrete companies are booked for weeks or even months before they can assess the job, provide a quote, and complete the services. We take pride in our fast and flexible appointment slots, as we are often able to schedule as soon as the next day!



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    Concrete Basement Utah

    We have all seen concrete basement floors but many are unsure of the specific benefits associated with this material. In addition to strength and durability, many people are surprised to learn that the surface of your basement floors can also be customized and even stamped to create a one of a kind surface. The concrete installation process requires several steps but allows you to be in charge of the final design outcome and the overall aesthetic of the surface.

    This is great for homeowners who are looking for a durable flooring system or business owners who want to transform and customize unused space.

    We want the concrete installation process to be simple and hassle-free for you, which is why we provide quotes prior to scheduling appointments. Our company is also fully licensed, insured, and bonded in the state of Utah, so you can book us with confidence. With over ten years of experience in the industry, Utah Concrete is the number one provider of concrete services in the Utah County area and surrounding communities. Are you ready to transform your basement? Want to learn more before committing? Give us a call today! Our technicians can help assist with any questions or concerns.

    easy maintenance

    Easy Maintenance


    One major benefit to choosing concrete for your basement space is the simple maintenance associated with the material. Other traditional materials like stone or tile can require expensive tools to complete cleanings or harsh chemicals to ensure the surface meets sanitization standards. Concrete is simple and affordable to maintain, with just standard tools such as brooms or mops needed to keep the surface clean from debris. Heavy spills should be addressed promptly to avoid any staining or seepage into the material. There are also various coatings available that can add additional waterproofing properties to your basement floor, which can be helpful in areas prone to dampness.




    One common misconception about concrete for basements is that the out of pocket cost is high and expensive for many budgets. Concrete installation and maintenance are surprisingly affordable and can meet the needs of many different budget limits. Not only are the initial costs low, but the costs over time associated with repairs and refurbishing are also much lower than with options like stone or brick. It’s common for concrete floors and structures to last for decades, making the initial investment cost will pay off quickly and help to save you money as time progresses.

    Durability Concrete Coatings



    Concrete is one of the most durable and reliable materials available, especially when it comes to basement applications. These areas are prone to dampness and excess moisture which can leave the area feeling unusable. When concrete is properly installed and with certain coatings, the surface can become even more durable and able to withstand harsh factors. You won’t have to worry about the heavy weight of items affecting the material, storing merchandise, or commercial foot traffic causing the surface to become faded, concrete is able to function like new for decades. We are able to complete jobs in both residential and commercial settings, so give us a call today.




    15. Many flooring materials have high installation costs and can end up needed repairs or replacement after just a short amount of time. In some cases, these surfaces can need extensive repairs or refurbishing after just a few years. Concrete is reliable and when properly installed, your basement floors and structures can last for many decades. The costs to maintain concrete over time are also low, which makes this material a great investment for home and business owners. Don’t put your hard earned money into a stone or tile floor just to be faced with expensive repairs after a few years, put your trust into concrete from Utah Concrete.

    increased safety

    Increased Safety


    When concrete is properly installed and with additional sealing options, the surface of the material can become slip-resistant. In some cases with special coatings, concrete can become safe even when the surface is wet! This means that the risk of accidental slips and falls is much lower than compared to other flooring materials. Sealed concrete also helps to increase brightness in the area it is installed, which can create a safe and welcoming environment for your family. Don’t let your basement space go unused, reach out to us today!

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