Backyard Sports Courts: A Breakdown on Cost and Installations

A sports court can be a great addition to a home, apartment complex, or business, as these surfaces can promote healthy exercise and spending time outdoors. These types of installations are not limited to standard basketball courts and can be designed for playing bocce ball, tennis, or even a putting green for golf. The cost and installation process for a sports court will depend on several different factors, including the size of the court and the materials you select. You can keep reading below to learn a breakdown of the costs for installation.

A Sports Court Can Add Fun and Value To Your Home

Choosing a sports court for your home or business is a great way to promote spending time outdoors and can help to make the space more eco-friendly. Depending on the type of court you choose and the specific building materials, a sports court installation can boost the overall value of your home by $10,000 to $20,000. These installations can help make your property eco-friendly, as they can decrease the overall amount of water needed to maintain your lawn. A sports court can be a great addition for your family to enjoy while you live in the home, it can help to boost value for resale.


What Can Determine The Cost To Install A Sports Court?

There are several factors that can determine the cost of a sports court installation and materials, most depending on the size of the court, preparation of the space, and any additional accessories. In total, there are five main components to pricing a sports court that you can consider to help estimate the cost of the project. 


Cost To Prepare The Installation Site

In addition to the installation costs and the price of material, it’s also important to consider the terrain of your property. The installation site for a sports court should be flat and level to ensure proper functionality but this can be challenging if your yard is filled with inclines, tree stumps, rocks, or sprinkler systems. Before any type of installation can begin, the space will need to be prepared and leveled which can require professional assistance with large equipment. In some projects, preparing the installation site can be one of the largest costs. It’s important to consider your property and the level of preparation that will be needed to start the installation process.


Different Materials Can Affect Prices

When you are designing your new sports court, you will need to consider which material you would like to have underneath the surface of the court. This base material provides an important foundation and structural support to your court, so it’s important to consider the options and soil conditions of your property. There are several types of base materials available such as concrete, stone, and asphalt, with each option offering a different set of pros and cons. For those looking for a less invasive option, modular bases are eco-friendly and great for homes subject to zoning restrictions. It’s important to discuss base material options with your installation company to help determine the best option for your sports court.

Various Surface Types Are Available

The surface of the sports court is essentially the material that will make up the outermost layer of the court. Each material, such as acrylic or paint, will provide different benefits and each is in a different price category. It’s important to discuss your specific goals for the new sports court and your design preferences so that your installation company can help you determine which material will provide you with the most advantages. Homeowners in the Utah area should consider Utah Concrete for assistance with a new sports court installation.

Components and Accessories

In addition to the main building materials for a sports court, it’s also important to consider the various additives and accessories that are available. The possibilities for accessories are nearly endless and allow you to add your own unique touch to your new outdoor recreation area. You can add lighting to specific areas to enhance your playing experience or you can have basketball hoops or net systems installed to play multiple games on your court.

Overall Costs For Building and Installation

When estimating the overall costs for the building materials and installation, you should always consider the five main components of a sports court system and also the possibility of site preparation costs. The size of the project and your specific installation team can cause the price of installation to vary, which is why it’s crucial to secure estimates prior to committing to a company. You should always feel comfortable with the estimated price and the team that will complete the installation. Homeowners and commercial business owners central to the Utah area should consider Utah Concrete for all of their sports court installation and overall concrete needs.

Benefits Of Installing A New Sports Court

There are many benefits associated with having a new sports court installed, one of the biggest being the convenience of having the area located right in your own yard! You won’t have to travel to a gym or park to play your favorite game with a beautiful new court located conveniently on your property. There are no time limitations like at a gym or park, meaning you can exercise or play your favorite sport at any time of the day or night. Another major perk of having a sports court located right outside of your door is the encouragement for exercise and a healthy lifestyle. It can be great for the mind and body to spend time outdoors, enjoying your favorite sport or hobby.

Choose A Professional Company

Choosing to have a sports court installed on your property is a large commitment, which is why it’s so important to contact a professional company for assistance with project specifics. These types of installations can be complicated and may take 1 to 2 days to complete. You should never try to install a sports court on your own, as it may cause damage to your soil or the designated area. For those located in Utah, consider the experts at Utah Concrete for help with your new sports court.

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