Top 5 Benefits of Choosing A Concrete Patio Surface

What Is A Concrete Patio?

Concrete is one of the most popular materials for outdoor patio spaces thanks to the incredible durability of the material and endless design options. Other popular materials for outdoor patios are wood or natural stone but these are just not able to provide the same value or resistance that concrete can provide. Concrete patios are considered one of the most versatile options thanks to the many design options that range from stamping designs right into the surface or recreating the look of other building materials. Homeowners in the Utah area are encouraged to contact Utah Concrete to learn more about the remarkable design options they offer with concrete patio services.

What Are The Benefits Of Choosing A Concrete Patio Surface?

There are many benefits associated with choosing a concrete patio surface to compliment your home or business, with the strength and durability of the material ranking high among property owners. Utah Concrete has compiled the top 5 benefits of choosing a concrete patio surface for your property and information on each of these factors. Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of a new concrete patio surface!

  1. Affordability
    One of the main benefits of choosing a concrete patio surface for your property is the low initial cost required for materials and installation! On average, you can expect the total cost for both materials and installation to be lower than choosing wood, natural stone, or brick for your patio. In a shocking comparison, concrete patios can start around $15 per square foot while a wooden deck can start around $30 or more per square foot. With this information, it’s clear that concrete is the most cost-effective material for an outside patio.
  2. Easy to Maintain
    When compared to other patio materials, concrete is one of the easiest and most affordable to maintain. Materials like wood or stone can need multiple treatments or sealants each year to remain resistant to damage, which can become expensive over time. With a concrete patio, keeping the surface free from debris and removing stains promptly will help to make maintenance simple. If you add a protective coating to your concrete, it can make the maintenance process even easier!
  3. Versatile Design and Pattern Options
    With other outdoor patio building materials, the options for designs and customization are truly limited. With a wooden deck, you can select different types of wood or can even stain the surface but overall, the ability to create a one-of-a-kind finish is minimal. With concrete, you can choose from a variety of functions including stamping to add the design directly into the material or embossing and engraving for a truly elegant finish.
  4. Incredible Longevity
    Another perk of concrete patios is the lifespan and overall longevity of the material, which is why this type of patio is such a smart cost investment for property owners. All materials used for patios will need maintenance and upkeep throughout time but concrete maintenance is much simpler and more affordable than what is needed for wood or brick. Concrete will only need maintenance every 3 to 5 years, while a wood patio will need multiple treatments each year!
  5. Fast Installation Time
    Concrete patios are a popular choice among home and business owners not only because of the low cost but also due to the quick installation time! With a wood or brick patio, these materials need to go through the building process and be fully assembled before you can use your patio. With concrete, the material is poured and cured for a simple one-step process. It’s often recommended to have your concrete sealed after a few months to ensure the material is fully cured, so this means you will be able to enjoy your new patio faster than with other materials!

    There are many different benefits to choosing a concrete patio for your outdoor space, though these 5 are just the top benefits of a concrete surface. There are countless different types and variations available for your home, which is why it’s recommended to contact a professional for design and installation assistance.

Should I Choose A Concrete Slab or Paver Stones?

This decision will be unique and depend on your specific landscaping, outdoor needs, and design preferences. Both concrete slabs and paver stones can be customized to add a level of flair and aesthetic to your yard but there are some differences between the two materials. Concrete slabs have the ability to be stamped with stunning visual designs and provide incredible strength and durability that pavers may not be able to match. Paver stones can create a unique, stunning appearance and are often less expensive to install than concrete slabs. It’s important to consider the climate of your location and the state of your soil, as this can affect which material is best for your yard.


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